Clasaichean Deireadh-Sheachdain: Weekend Gaelic Classes

We have 3 STAND-ALONE weekend classes over the next few months, with the first one taking place on Saturday 18th February. The reason for emphasising stand-alone is to make sure folk know they can just attend one or all of these sessions, they do not build incrementally.
Why not come along and join Donna (Beginners/Recent Beginners) or Alec (Intermediate/Advanced) for a Gaelic session at your level in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
The poster attached gives you lots more detail on these classes and details for registering. If you are interested, please pre-register by Friday 10th February.

One thought on “Clasaichean Deireadh-Sheachdain: Weekend Gaelic Classes

  1. Hello
    This is the Language Centre a the University of Aberdeen. We are receiving calls regarding your classes because our number is a contact. Could you please remove our telephone number form your site?
    Thank you

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